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DACA Recipient Files Suit Over Revoked Status

Jessica Colotl, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient whose case has received publicity over the years, has had her DACA status revoked. Her attorney has filed a motion requesting a federal judge in Atlanta, Georgia, to reinstate her DACA protection.

Ms. Colotl’s parents brought her to the United States from Mexico when she was 11. She was granted DACA status in 2013, which was renewed last year. In the intervening years, her parents moved back to Mexico but she stayed in the United States, graduated from college, and has been working as a paralegal with Kuck Immigration Partners, LLC. Last year, she wanted to travel to Mexico to visit her ill mother, but since she had an outstanding removal order, she filed

a motion to reopen and administratively close her removal proceedings. An immigration judge denied the request but the Board of Immigration Appeals found in her favor and sent the case back to the immigration judge to administratively close her case. However, the immigration judge asked the government for its position in writing; in a supplemental filing in March 2017, the government said her case shouldn’t be closed and she was a priority for removal under a February 2017 Department of Homeland Security memorandum due to her criminal history (she was pulled over on campus for a traffic violation and driving without a license in 2010 and was charged with a felony false statement to a law enforcement officer when her address given didn’t match the record. At that time, she was detained for 37 days).

Kuck Immigration Partners filed a complaint on May 9, 2017, in Atlanta for declaratory and injunctive relief. “Trump promised that DACA kids were fine. Nothing’s changed in Jessica’s case.…They are simply in bad faith punishing her for exercising her rights under the policies enacted by the government,” said Charles Kuck. Now 28, Ms. Colotl said in her lawsuit that the government is using her as “a test case to revoke DACA, exceeding its discretionary authority in an arbitrary and capricious manner.” Calling the government’s action “completely outrageous,” she said she “felt shock because I didn’t know this could happen.”

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